Monthly folk sessions are held on the first Thursday, from 8pm onwards, and third Sunday, from 2pm onwards, in the lounge of the Black Bitch Tavern, West Port, Linlithgow (A2 on the local map).

Thursday Session Dates in 2018         Sunday Session Dates in 2018
Thursday 4th January   Sunday 21st January
Thursday 1st February   Sunday 18th February
Thursday 1st March   Sunday 18th March
Thursday 5th April   Sunday 15th April
Thursday 3rd May   Sunday 20th May
Thursday 7th June   Sunday 17th June
Thursday 5th July   Sunday 15th July
Thursday 2nd August   Sunday 19th August
Thursday 6th September   Sunday 16th September
Thurday 4th October   Sunday 21st October
Thurday 1st November   Sunday 18th November
Thurday 6th December   Sunday 16th December